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Recently featured on the Economic Report on Fox TV and CNN around the country, Regatta Research & Money Management is here to make your stress and worries go away with our fee-only no commission comprehensive wealth management services.

Team up with Regatta, and you’ll get the firm named by Goldline Research and listed in Forbes as one of the "Top 10 Leading Wealth Managers in the United States" and named four years in a row by Bloomberg’s as one of America’s Top Wealth Management Superstars to actively manage and defend your portfolio every single day. Our obsession with trying to make money for our individual, RIA, CPA, and institutional clients is reflected in our daily, active management of your accounts and in our distinguished in house research, which has been featured in Money Magazine, Wall Street Transcripts, and Red Herring magazine.

Over the years, we have built a loyal following with our refusal to accept the flawed advice of buying and holding regardless of the market. This has resulted in investors' nest eggs getting wiped out not once, but twice in the last ten years. We find this unacceptable, and you should too.

Why take chances in today’s volatile markets with a Financial Advisor who just makes changes over few years or whenever you call concerned? We proactively make the changes for our clients. The proof is in the pudding. Our actively managed Clipper account has historically outperformed the major market indices on an absolute, relative, and risk adjusted return basis.

Take a look for yourself and see what all the buzz is about. We invite you to download a free copy of our latest investment outlook and financial planning tips put together by our distinguished in house research team, "In the Zone."

In addition to our research and active portfolio management, we bring our high end high touch style from working with you to in the asset allocation process, to providing time tested solutions to your retirement and financial planning needs, to investing the time to proactively to educate you about the world of finance.

Don’t risk losing another night of sleep. Contact us at 1.888.867.1966 (Toll Free) or info@regattaresearch.com today.

Tough Questions During Tough Times


  • Are you scared you may outlive your savings?
  • Is inflation or the economy affecting your retirement plans?
  • Have you recently lost your job?
  • Do you know what to do with your 401k?
  • Do you know how to protect yourself from a major economic crisis?
  • Do you need help on how to manage your stocks portfolio?
  • Would you like an expert’s advice on your investments?
  • Would you prefer to have an award winning expert, who you can trust and benefits when you make more money, or an unrealizable salesperson that makes money on commissions?
  • Are you a Financial Advisor or a CPA looking to work with a Third Party Money Manager that is renowned as one of America’s premier firms for our strategies to potentially make money in up, down, or sideways markets?
  • If you answered yes to any of those questions, your worries are about to go away. You had a problem. Now, meet the solution: Regatta Research & Money Management, L.L.C.


Dynamic & Tax Efficient Management


  • Stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • No-load mutual funds
  • No-load variable annuities
  • Municipal and corporate bonds
  • CDs
  • Structured Products
  • Commercial REITS
  • Taxable accounts
  • Trusts
  • Endowments
  • Apartment REITS
  • International REITS
  • Managed Timber REITS
  • Hedge fund of hedge funds
  • IRAs (Roth and traditional)
  • Rollover IRAs
  • 401k and profit sharing plans
  • SEP-IRAs
  • Pension plans
  • UGMA/UTMA accounts
  • 529 plans


WIN in ANY Market


The Book: Coming Soon


Win in ANY Market is a soon-to-be release book written by Regatta’s Senior Portfolio Managers, Eric Greschner and Rudy Blanchard.


Forbes Magazine Awards


Listed in by Goldline and listed in Forbes as one of the "Top 10 Leading Wealth Managers in the United States."

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Bloomberg Awards


Listed for the last four years by Bloomberg as one of America's Top 400 Wealth Management Superstars.

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